Hi there and welcome to my website! My name is Marieke Steiner (pronounced Marie-kuh Sty-ner) and I have many hobbies, among them reading and writing fiction. You can find links to some of my previously published stories on this site. In addition, my first Young Adult novel, The BOAT Adventures, is now available for purchase through Amazon, Black Rose Writing, and Barnes and Noble.


About Me

I work as a technical writer and have called Hampton Roads, VA home since 1993. I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and am a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill where, many moons ago, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. I am married and have two children. My oldest is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech and in August my youngest will join the class of 2023 at my alma mater. I am also a cat-mom to one mean feline named Winston. There used to be more of Winston, but since being put on a strict diet, I am proud to say he is down two pounds this year! And looking so svelte... though, unfortunately, still as grumpy as ever.



My Flash Fiction Portfolio

The following selections represent a sampling of my work in which the copyright has either remained with me or been returned to me after publication. Reprints are available upon request.

I hope to be able to update this section again soon since I currently have several more pieces out for consideration. Fingers crossed since acceptances make me happy.

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